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Tomorrow Is the Most Important Thing in Life

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Some people consider thinking about the future to be a waste of time, and say that we should simply live now. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

It is commonly accepted that considering future is essential in the modern society. This can be seen frequently in both developed and developing countries where people are motivated to prepare their own future plans. However, critics argue that this action is meaningless and time wasting. I am of the former belief because of the following reasons.

To justify my point of view, I would like to state that future thinking inspires us the striving will. In the time of economic crisis, at least 60% of the world population are living under the pressure of financial conditions or terrorism. The images of a better future will motivates them to work hardly, think differently and big for the purpose of making that future come true. An ambiguous example of this is my story of failing university entrance exam. At that time, my feelings were completely hopeless and however, when the thought of a notorious career in the future gives me some hope and objectives to strive again I wouldn't mention a personal experiences, at least I would put it into generic or impersonal speaking. To put it simply, future thinking is significant in order to motivate people

Generally speaking, from corporative perspective, it is undeniable that thinking about the future improve work efficiency. Irrefutably, it is known that the market changes every minute which makes manufacturers careful in planning and conducting. A plan that considers future elements is needed for the purpose of preventing any damage the future market can bring. For example, 'Bitis' company intend to launch their new products in fall 2012. As a result, it is necessary for them to do research on customers' appeals and consider [try other synonyms as evaluate, assess...]economic factors influencing the fall season market. In this case, the importance of future plans...


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