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Quarry Crusher Can Crush the Medium Hard Material

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Quarry crusher broken motor for moving around the locus of points on the jaw hanging point rotating arc, arc length along the inlet into the discharging mouth gradually increased. Along the horizontal direction and vertical direction displacement of measuring path of s and h, it s called the moving jaw horizontal stroke, h is referred to as dynamic jaw vertical travel, its ratio is called dynamic jaw stroke feature values, namely, m = h/s trip each point on the moving jaw and its characteristic value determines the performance of jaw crusher. Dynamic jaw movement characteristics is the best measure of crusher is good or bad evaluation. If poor crusher movement characteristics, the machine performance is poor, even can not use at all.

Zenith industry after many experiments and improvements, quarry crusher broken hammer and material piece of direct attack forced discharging way of broken. Limest one in the run between hubei and hubei, through extrusion, rolling, grinding, such as multiple broken, back and forth repeatedly to form fine material, and the impact of large pieces of material being knocked up, since state formation. jaw crusher inside the material are all made of impact resistant, wear resistant material, so the limestone in a squeezed state hit back on the process of, make the material piece of mutual impact, reduce directly impact hammer and material boards, reduces the energy consumption.

We have learned, along with the continuous development of science and technology, people found that not only has strong piezoelectric quartz, can make fire, but also a kind of no radioactive pollution, the reusable green new building materials, environmental protection, can be widely used in modernization building, so processing become the raw materials are widely used for crushing the quartz mining step. Quartz clock, electronic equipment in the piezoelectric quartz plate used as a standard frequency, Made from molten glass, which can be used in the production...


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