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So Much to Tell You

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So Much to Tell You, based on a true story, is presented as a diary written by a 14-year-old girl known as Marina. Marina has a scarred face because she was the unintended victim of an incident involving a vial of acid which was thrown by her father. She refused to talk to anyone during her long recovery period in hospital, so she was sent to Warrington, a girls' boarding school, because nothing else appeared to be working. But even after her arrival, she maintains her silence. Then, one day, her English teacher Mr. Lindell encourages the class to keep a journal. Despite the fact that Marina is determined not to make use of her diary, she cannot resist writing about some of the seemingly trivial events of her day. However, the content of her entries becomes more and more revealing over time, and readers are able to better understand Marina's world: how her friends, teachers and families create profound and lasting impressions on her psyche. Marina goes from not interacting with others at all, to opening up and socialising, and eventually finding non-verbal ways of communicating. However, as the book continues, Marina's negative feelings towards her father fade away, and by the end of the book she devises a plan which enables her to see him again. When she speaks for the first time, in such a long time, she utters her only words for the entire novel: "Hello, Dad... I've got so much to tell you..."
Main characters[edit]

Students of Warrington[edit]
Marina May Jamison: Marina is the book's main character and narrator. Initially, she is heavily introverted and avoids contact with her fellow students. Also she has "anorexia of speech".
Cathy Gloria Preshill: The closest thing Marina has to a friend for most of the book. She invites Marina over for the holidays. She is tall and thin, and reads things like Illusions. She also enjoys writing poetry.
Sophie Marie Smith: One of the most promiscuous girls in the dorm, Sophie is loud and bubbly. Marina once saw Sophie...


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