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Gun Control

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When Americans kill one another they usually use a gun. In fact Americans use guns to murder each other twice as often as they use any other murder weapon while this may already look bad, the U.S looks even worse when compared to the rest of the world (hickey).Therefore, the government is trying to take people’s right to bear arms but there are different approaches to this problem. The Government should make stricter gun laws making it harder for felons to get their hands on a fire arm. This would decrease the fire arm homicide rate in the United States of America.
Throughout U.S history there have been several devastating events involving the use of fire arms. December 14th 2012 John Newton was involved in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, which was one of the deadliest school shootings in U.S history. Leaving twenty seven dead, including twenty innocent children (Wing). Since then gun laws have become one of the biggest debates.   .Just two months ago on September 16th 2013 a man identified as Aaron Alexis, opened fired at a navy yard gunning down twelve people (Wing). His attack lead to his death therefore making gun debates the center of attention. America has far more assault deaths per capital than any other industrialized nation (Hicky). Due to the fact of the second amendment which gives the people right to bear arms, making it possible for the wrong to get their hands on a fire arm.   Even though these events have occurred many believe that anyone should still be able to protect themselves with a fire arm.
There are several solutions for this issue in the United States, First of all, people who make up the militia should be well regulated trained disciplined and properly instructed by the government to use fire arms effectively, safely and properly (Winker). The second amendment states that any armed citizen is part of the militia but many people can be inexperienced with weapons and aren’t properly trained. Secondly, Universal back ground...


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