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Pe Fitness Evaluation

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Firstly, in the 1.5 mile run test you can see that the boys results are better than the girls results. This is because men are naturally faster than women and also men have more muscle than women. As a result their endurance levels are higher which means they can continue for longer.

A table to show the average results for the 1.5 mile run


From the table above you can see that all of the boys manage to complete the run in a good time where as only one girl got a good time in the test and two girls got a fair result and the other one got a very poor time. The reason that there is a big difference between the girls results are the different activity levels that each one does. For example, Charlotte does the most exercise out of all the girls which is why she got the highest as her muscular endurance is better than the other girls as she has built up her endurance levels when taking part in her normal activities. Amy does the least exercise which is why she got the lowest result as her muscles do not have a good endurance.
However, some of the results from the 1.5 mile test may not be some of the participants best results as a couple of them had injuries which means this would of affected their time.

On the sit and reach test you can see that the girls got better results than the boys. For example, Charlotte had the best results overall as she achieved 17cm but the boys best result was Liam who achieved -4cm. This is because girls are naturally more flexible than boys which you can see in the table below. Also the girls that do more exercise had the better results as they were good or average. For example Charlotte and I do more exercise in a week and their results were good. Where as Carrie and Beth do a moderate level of exercise in a week and their results are average and Amy does minimal exercise in a week and her results were fair. The reason for this is the more exercise you do the more...


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