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A Decade from Now

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A Decade from Now

                              How would you imagine yourself a decade from now?   Do you have any idea about your lifestyle? Are you being so insane about what is happening in the future? Let’s just take a picture behind of this questions and look forward for the next past years. What if this time it will change the past from beginning and transform into a different world that you usually have? I cannot still figure out how do I look a decade from now or how do I live for the lifestyle that I have been before. I’m just looking into the positive side and imagining myself that I already achieve the things that I should accomplish after years.

                              When I see myself a decade from now that those dreams that I wanted to have and be done has become more exciting and interesting. I am now a successful and famous business man. I’m married with two kids both girls and happy for all the things that happen. But it’s actually so different from the past decade it become much techier. Most people are now being dependent on gadgets, computers, machines and etc. I think that this is not a healthy and wealthy way of living compared back decades. There’s a bad effect for us human. I once met an instructor who trains young people to become the pilots of cruise ships. He described the two kinds of students he encounters. One kind grew up mainly indoors, spending hours playing video games and working on computers. These students are quick to learn the ship’s electronics, a useful talent, the instructor explained. The other kind of student grew up spending a lot of time outdoors, often in nature. They, too, have a talent. “They actually know where the ship is.” So it is advantage for the other student who have been spending a lot of time to his works indoors but the effect is too much exposure about this things and will cause you a bad resistant into your body function. While the other student who has been enjoying outdoors activities...


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