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Ethical Debate Surrounding Face Transplant

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Ethical Debate Surrounding Face Transplant
Ethics is the study of the general nature of morals and of the specific moral choices to be made by a person; moral philosophy.   Ethics is relevant to medicine by people playing God. For example, in the United States of America advances, technology or medicine, high survival rates of disease, compare to Africa how they are less developed and have higher risks of not surviving. This is because there countries don’t have the affordability’s as America or any other wealthy country.   In todays society we are able to use technology efficiently and openly as it had improved a lot more. Another reason is that we are able to afford it, so the rate of death has decreased.  
There are different factors that affect ethics: the three main ones are; religion, laws and upbringing.
People have different religious beliefs many believe in life after death, most religions have a common theme of judgment in the afterlife. Being a strong believer in a specific religion can be difficult to make decisions when it comes to technology, such as life support machine. It can be very difficult because life support machine helps a person to survive, most religion believe being on a life support or feeding tube is not permissible. This is because this shows that medical professional are playing God and keeping people alive even though this is their duty, but people who are on life support cannot communicate as they are on conscious. If God intended to take someone’s life away, he has the right to but yet again medical professionals help people to keep them alive which suggest that they are interfering with God’s decision.

Age is another factor that affects ethics for example; younger people are not able to take specific medicine. This would be because some medicine can be strong; if a child would take the medicine the body would automatically reject it, as it can harm the child. Whereas if an older person took the medicine it wouldn’t harm them...


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