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Are rewards good, or bad?
All our lives and through our generations we’ve been taught to reward the good and punish the bad. We’ve thought that rewards would bring success and make us more successful in life. Daniel H. Pink is the author of “ Drive” and in his book he explains how we’ve been wrong about our thoughts on what brings success. Also he gets you thinking about why we do what we do. An example of this would be when we would reward kids for doing their homework. Why do we do that? It’s because that’s how we’ve been taught to do, but in reality were not supposed to reward kids for doing something there supposed to do anyways on a regular bases .??? In the book it Also explains how extrinsic rewards don’t bring success. While reading chapter 1, I have learned there are many ways this relates to our daily lives in real life and how this relates to mine personally.
Daniel H. Pink writes a book about how we believe the best way to motivate ourselves is with extrinsic rewards also know as “gaining profit”. An intrinsic reward is when the reward comes from within you no profit needed. An example Daniel gives for extrinsic reward is “The Candle Problem”. You are presented with a candle, matches and a box of tacks, you had to assemble the candle using these supplies therefore, the candle wax doesn’t hit the table. One of the groups that were presented with the reward couldn’t realize that the box of tacks could be emptied out and used to catch the wax the reason for this was because all they were thinking was about the money. On the other hand, the second group wasn’t given the reward and did better then the first group because, they were thinking “outside the box” when not giving a reward which made them use there creative thinking. An example for intrinsic reward is when you cut the grass and expect no reward your doing it to make your front yard look nice for your family.   Another example is when you volunteer for charity and not expect anything from it the...


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