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Different Kinds of Book-Buyers

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Different Kinds of Book-Buyers

  Once I discussed an interesting topic with my friends about different intentions that people bought books.Their intentions,to a large extent,can be classified into three categories:people who buy books for decoration,show-off and quick success and instant benefits.
  The first kind of book-buyers are those who own books for decoration.wealthy as they are,some people deem books are symbols of knowledge.However,they neither want to be a collector nor a knowledgable man.Improving personal cultivation is their original purpose,but they are more liable to buy books for decoration.If you are acute enough,you will find those people always give preference to exquisite books,which have fine packing with beautiful design and elegant script.They seldom care about the connotation of the book as well as the author,When it comes to tremendous books they own,complacent expression may occur in their face.They are unable to hold themselves back to tell you how many excellent books are collected by them.Usually,they have a bookshelf to lay up books,which they never touch or read.Their intention,after all,is for decoration.
  Another kind of book-buyers are “scholar”.It seems that they know everything.When you mention a famous author,they usually can tell you lots of details,including the author’s background,stories and masterpieces.They list a long name of all kinds of authors and express their broad knowledge about different topics.For instance,you are discussing how the universe comes into being.The “scholar”may refer to Einstein,Hawkin,Newton etc.They can analyse theory of relativity and summarize the concept of important events that affect the process of human seeking for the answer.However,if you ask what are their ideas,they usually hesitate and sink into contemplation.What they know seems broad and comprehensive,but actually they just copy the ideas of famous authors and never form their own opinions.They buy lots of books,but they only...


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