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Poverty is undoubtly a dominant factor in the use of child labour, families on or below the poverty line forces their children into work to supplement their household’s meager income. Child labour is defined as a form of child abuse in worst conditions. Eradicating poverty however is only the first step on the road to eliminating child labour. This essay is going to elaborate more on the main issue of poverty which causes child labour.
There are many other factors that conspire to drive children into employment, more of which to any one country or any ones family circumstances. Only when we fully understand these reasons then we can begin to address the problem associated with child labour. Most people tend to ignore such problems and putting innocent lives in danger and exploit them in drastic ways.
Cuts in social spending, particularly education and health services have a direct impact on poverty. With little or no access to schooling, children are forced into employment at an early age in order to survive. It seems like poverty, child labour and education have a common connection. If there is child labour in a particular society, it means they are facing poverty and their children are forced into child labour.
Many children do not have the privilege to proper education. They are left with unskilled and taking up poorly paid jobs. Children may also be expected to act as unpaid domestic servant’s in their own home, taking care of the family’s needs while both parents work. According to ILO, around 70 per cent of child workers carry out unpaid work for their families.
The demand for cheap labour by contractors means that children are often offered work in places of their parents. With such narrow margins, contractors such as produce-growers and loom-owner know that children can be exploited and forced to work for much less than the minimum wages....


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