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Box Bracket Fill Mining Recovery Approach

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( 1 ) Recovery sequence. When filling system applying a multi-stage block stent recovery , the stage should advance its lead distance must be higher than 50m. Segment employing 25 ~ 30m high , the recovery phase may be left in between the two stages , resorted to filling the mine and had been carried out in two stages , independently of one another .
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Box bracket filling technique is slicing disk or from the upper footwall direction . A slicing can , but to enhance the strength from the mining , recovery generally use two layered whilst the next hierarchical ahead 8 ~ 10m, we are able to use 3 to four hierarchical recovery even though the subsequent certainly one of the layered lead layer two to 3 boxes , but recovery may possibly not be more than 4 layers .

( 2 ) off the mine. Box bracket filling system comparatively soft ore mining , the usage of hand-dug In most situations, when slightly harder ore , mining picks obtainable . When the ore is difficult, using drilling and blasting off mine. Shot hole depth does not exceed 1.0 ~ 1.2m, blasting the amount need to not be too much to make sure the stability from the pillars with the box .
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( 3 ) bedding . Stope ore loss rate and whether or not the wooden plate and high quality related. From our expertise and that of the Soviet Union : the laying groundwork board pad than without filling compound can lower the loss of minerals from four to 8 occasions. If Yunnan old tin mining Malargue 426 orebody is no loss of plate filling compound price of 12 %, and after laying down to 1.5%.

Old tin popularized commissure wooden pallets, the high-grade ore at plate holes and also a layer of canvas or burlap to recover ore powder .

( 4 ) Conveying . Ore and filling material to maximize the use of gravity humping . As a little dip or occurrence ore complex ore employing gravity and filled with difficulties or need more boring and chute filled...


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