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Reflection on ‘Do People Resist Change’
Change is a necessity in a business. But often forcing a change can lead to severe problems in a business. Whether a change should occur is affected by people’s attitude towards a change. Resistance of change occurs at time when people do not find any positive improvement being caused due to a particular change. Along with the positives of changing such as better health conditions along with good foster relations being caused due to change but often these are associated with certain disadvantages as well such as the too much effort being put to make a change along with more time involved and high risks incurred while making a change due to which people often resist change.
If the negative attributes of a change are also solved, but if people are happy with their present conditions then they will resist change as they are accustomed to those conditions. This tells us that only looking at the advantages and disadvantages of a change will not help. We would also have to look at the positives and the negatives of not changing. If a business does not change then it might go bankrupt, or it might also have an effect on one’s health issues.
Unless and until, all the four aspects are not taken into account, problems would definitely arise. If only the positives or either the negatives of a change are seen, this may hamper communication and eventually the change or its resistance might go against the managers and employees itself. When dealing in a big organization, recognizing all the four aspects of different people of the business is very essential in order to take correct decision methods. I would say that change in a business is not easy to happen and involves lots of work. Some situations might suit a change but some may not. So proper decision making, related to change is very necessary in a business.
In order to overcome this problem, the following business tool could be used:-
| Positive Factors | Negative Factors |...


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