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Perspectives in Changes in Adulthood
Mary Lumbreras
March 4, 2014
Jill Kulbok Carlson

Perspectives in Changes in Adulthood

As I begin to write this paper I began to ponder, critically think and remember the many changes I have experienced, witnessed and observed in many and all people including me. Changes can and do begin as early as childhood: changes like puberty, identity, relationships, and friendships, in adolescence changes like: high school, friends, family, relationships, drugs, grades, perhaps family issues, etc. When it comes to adulthood changes cover a wide range: relationships, career, finances, children, education, and support of oneself, family, friends, personal crisis, and so on the list goes on and on.
For myself emotional changes I have always come across. I am a very sensitive person and because of that I know myself well enough to know that I will always walk around with a strong outer layer. Perhaps due to the multitude of issues I experienced as an child that continued thru till my young adulthood. Have caused me to now defend myself and caused me to stand strong indicating that one more time I will not allow myself to be abused. I have experienced molestations from uncles, I was suicidal in my teenage years, I was verbally abused and emotionally abused by parents during my childhood, was in marriage where I was battered for several years, homeless with children, my children taken away from me, after being divorced I was in a couple of dysfunctional relationships hoping they would save me from me. Never realizing that I was never healed from any of the past and I was in search of it. That it was a cycle I was following and never truly understanding it why….This is when I started to searching deeply for my spirituality and I began to go to school. I needed answers as to why things were happening the way they were. For many years I knew that something had to change and I had to be the one to implement that change so that...


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