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Identity Theft

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Judashia Eley
Identity Theft Report
Identity theft is a common crime in America. Every two seconds identity theft is committed. There are about 15 million victims a year from identity theft. Identity theft is the stealing and use of a person’s person information, which is usually for financial gain.
Identity theft affects us every day. When an identity theft steals your personal information, they have access to your full name, social security number, credit/bank card, etc. Most identity theft happens to business people with a lot of money and a lot to lose if identity theft ever happened to them, but identity theft can happen to anyone. Identity thieves can do so much with some else’s identity. They can commit crimes and get arrested, leaving a record on you. They can drain your bank account, leaving you broke. They can leave you in debt. They open new credit card account. They establish a wireless service in your name. They can do many things that will affect you in many ways.
Identity thieves can get your personal information in many ways. Phishing, the activity of defrauding an online account holder of financial information by posing as a legitimate company, is the latest identity scam. Business record theft is another form for thieves to steal your identity. Business record theft is when thieves get your personal information for your workplace. They often steal your wallet/purse with your personal information and credit/bank cards. They will steal your mail containing personal information. They will go through your trash looking for anything that will help them steal your identity. They will scam you, often through fraudulent emails or ‘spooled websites’. Some identity thieves even scam you over the phone.  
There are many you can protect yourself from identity theft. Making sure you get a credit report once a year, is a way to protect your from ID. You should place a secure password on your credit card, bank, and phone accounts. You should never give your...


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