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Lone Lover in the City

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                  LONE LOVER IN THE CITY-
                              By     GULNAWAZ SHAIQ AALAM

                It wasn’t my usual time to leave the house for college. But I did not make any effort to cover up the time. There were many Autos and the noise of ‘Khanpur-Khanpur’ and ‘Tigri-Tigri’ the two designated routes. The first one is for me ‘Khanpur’ from where I would took the bus towards the new chapter of my life. I had the many options to choose the Auto that day, one was empty offering me to come and choose   the seat on my own, other with some passengers. But now I was in hurry for college, so I took the Auto where one seat was remained at that time, for me?
              A glimpse in the mirror, I noticed someone knew to me was sitting on the back seat, who had covered the face with the soft hands. I was very surprise by the sight; she was the girl of my heart. My mind started to thinking   that should I say Hello?   Then went to flashback and I see we don’t   talk to each other now.
              The journey is going to be interesting now, I thought. At the second look in the rear-mirror, I noticed some stickers, a outline sticker of Indian bride, with a nose-pin, through that I saw her face was looking like   the bride.
              I don’t know why but I suddenly felt thirsty and had had 1 liter water in just few minutes with some seconds of pause. Don’t know whether she noticed my uneasiness or not. It was almost a two months after I met her, I mean I saw her.
            Next day was my best friend’s birthday, I thought I should ask her whether she remember it or not, but just couldn’t dare to ask it all. On the way she were looking at me from the edges of her eyes. Memories of old days made me smile like a stupid, she must have thought that there may be something cooking. But now Angel could speak to me in my dreams, she was beautiful in her presence.
            But at one occasion her eyes meet me in the rear-mirror through the sticker of...


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