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How Is the Speed of Hongxing New Type Ball Mill?

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Rust oil dehydration is made of dehydrating agents, rust inhibitors, and in light petroleum distillate allocation. After ball millbears water-based cleaning fluid through the water-washing, it leaves a water film on surface of the ball . The rust oil dehydration dehydrating agent and the interfacial tension of the metal surface than tap water or water-based cleaning agent solution and the metal surface tension, rust oil dehydration, through its contact with the metal surface of the water film and the metal ball blasting further penetration surface. Attached to the surface of the ball to form a thinner layer of humor, which can play a protective role of ball surface and rust. Ball mill is the most important equipment in aerated concrete materials preparation, it used lime, gypsum, sand, slag and other materials grinding.Only after grinding materials can reach the required fineness and only after mixing interaction can it make products to strength,grinding is the production of aerated concrete is an important process, grinding process of power consumption. Feed material is an important design,this design is closely related to the ball mill.At the same time,the total energy consumption and unit consumption of mill is affected by the charge of balls and residual material.The ball mill must consider the mill inlet position,with ball milling, grinding amount to finalize the design level of the whole crusher material.Guarantee cylinder speed constant,make the raw material and the grinding body form falling movement.If the speed is too slow,the centrifugal force is small, the friction is small,the grinding body can not rise,can not form a throwing motion,conversely,excessive speed, the centrifugal force is large, friction is also large,the material close to the inner wall of the cylinder body of the grinding body rotation, also cannot form the throwing motion, without falling motion, grinding body no formation of the collision of raw materials, and the grinding effect,the...


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