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The Reasons of Belt Derailment in the Powerful Belt Conveyor

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Powerful belt conveyor is the main transportation equipment in the coal preparation plant. In the operational process of belt conveyor, belt derailment is one of common failures. The equipment cann’t normally work. And the phenomenon of coal scattered that is caused by belt derailment increases working strength of cleaning coal. Professors from Hongxing Machinery took strict tests and analysis to find that there are these reasons of belt derailment:

(1) Design defect

By field observation and analysis time after time, Hongxing found that filter belt centreing device of powerful belt conveyor was cone mill frame. When elevating conveyor belt is off tracking, it cann’t produce lateral thrust to make belt correct track. It cann’t reach the purpose of adjusting derailment.

(2) The factors of manufacture and quality of installation

In the process of manufacture, it will make that diameters of two sides of transmission drum or tail roller are different and rack is not straight because of machining error. Whether the quality of installation is good or bad has a big impact on the problem of belt derailment. Installation error makes that center lines of transmission drum and tail roller are out of plumb with the center line of machinery body and the installation of cradle roll is oblique. So, reducing manufacture error and ensuring installation quality are the best way of avoiding belt derailment.

(3) Internal stress of vulcanized joint of belt

Installation of vulcanized joint is deflected and belt is not straight and distribution of internal stress is unequal. All these can cause that tension of two sides of belt is unequal.

(4) The position of coal offering of transferring point is deflected

The height of cross-heading is less than that of transferring point. Horizontal velocity component of throwing coal is different and lateral impact force is very big. Coal on the belt tilt towards one side so that occurs the phenomenon of belt derailment....


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