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Applied Analysis of Wear-Resistant Materials in the Screening Equipment

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Because performance and quality of rubber wear-resistant materials are improving continually, rubber wear-resistant materials are accepted and used by domestic and overseas grinding industries. Today, we mainly analyze application of wear-resistant materials in the screening equipment.

1. Applied in the drum screen. Drum screen is a screening equipment of simple construction, easy installation, using reliable and high efficiency. Drum screen is installed directly on the discharge end of mill and turns with mill. Materials are discharged from the discharge end and flow to the screen to separate. Using screen which is made with rubber wear-resistant materials has a good wear-resistant effect. And its service life is 5~10 time more than traditional metal screen and sieve plate, guide plate and other quick-wear parts can be changed and its dismounting is convenient. Because of good wear-resistant property, the screen size don’t change too much after a long using to ensure that screening process is stable.

2. Applied in the linear vibrating screen. Linear vibrating screen is the most common screening equipment in the mill industry. Using vibrating screen plate which is made with rubber wear-resistant materials has a good effect. It makes rubber screen plate have enough strength when installing and using. Its screening efficiency is high and grain size is stable and service life is long and dismounting is easy. Because of these advantages, it is well welcomed by most users.

3. Applied in the high frequency screen. The high frequency screen cloth which is made with rubber wear-resistant materials is successful to solve two big problems of blocking hole and easy to break. It has the flowing features:

(1) Small mesh. It can be used for less than -74um size grinding. Rate of screening is 30 percent and its efficiency is high and floor space is small.

(2) Compared with cyclone, its efficiency of classification can reach more than 80 percent. Returning number...


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