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Argument Paragraph

I stopped by a corner store when I got into an argument with a man robbing the store. I woke up one beautiful hot summer day and decided to enjoy it by skateboarding. I decided to go to a local skate park and skate with some of my buddies. After a long day of skating I decided to call it a day and head home, looking forward to opening the fridge. I was on my way home, passed by a small corner store and decided to go in for a drink. As I entered the store I noticed a man holding a knife on one the customers and the cashier was a young girl scared out of her mind. The man looked desperate and I didn’t want anyone to get hurt, so maybe I can reason with him. I told the man to “let the man go, nobody has to get hurt” but he was scared and seemed to be on the drugs and shouted back “no! Nobodies leaving until I get the money.”   I tried talking to him calmly so he wouldn’t do anything he’ll regret. I said to him, “look, there are cameras here and your face and as well as our faces are on there , if someone gets hurt its going to go a lot worse for you.” He said, “I don’t care who gets hurt! Give me the money or this man is going to feel a lot of pain.” I said, “Okay let him go first and then you can have the money!” He replied, “No! Give me the money first and then I’ll let him go.” The cashier then took the money from the register and handed it to the robber and he grabbed it, he then ran out of the door and it was over.   After a long day of skating I decide to stop by a corner store and get into an argument with a robber, in a life and death situation.


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