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Fahrenheit 451

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Chris Patton                                                                     4/6/14
Dr. Stevenson                                                                 7th period                
                                        Charlotte's Web
                One of the first books that ever inspired or opened new doors for me was one I read as a kid. "Charlotte's Web" by E.B. White was one of the very first books that i had ever read. When I first picked this book up, I expected it to be like every other boring book I was required to read. I also thought it would be lame, not intertaining, and a huge waste of my time. Sadly, I was still required to read the book despite my own personal beliefs and opinions about reading required books. This is possibly the reason that the book affected me the way that it did. When I picked up this book for the very first time, I simply stared at the front cover for quite a long time, dreading the long journey I was about to embark on. Before I started, my mom would try to encourage me by saying things like "you can do it", while also saying things like "deal with it" and "suck it up". Those comments were the ones that didn't help me at all. Even though I really didn't want to open the book, I figured that I'd use my moms old saying" if you don't try you will never succeed", and just deal with my fear.
            Now, I didn't fall in love with the book immediatly, possibly due to the book's slow begining. But as I read on, I became much more interested and exited about reading this book. I became intriged by the spider's (Charlotte) kindness and friendship with her new friend Wilbur (a pig). Now without reading the book,you woould think such a friendship crazy or unordinary. But as I read, I realized that the friendship was unordinary, but at the same time, that was the reason that it was such a beautiful friendship. At that point in time I realized that I had never had a friendship like theirs. Wilbur felt alone in...


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