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The Great Gatsby

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To some people, holding on to a dream can be one of the greatest challenges of their life, let alone achieving that dream. In the book, The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, a man named James Gatz (aka Jay Gatsby) is revealed as one with a strong past of pursuing his dream. Jay Gatsby stood as his own bulwark throughout his entire life trying to achieve his one dream, and with his determination he could have obtained it. Unfortunately, as the story unfolds, troubling events befall Gatsby, preventing him from getting what he always wanted. Thus, here is an explanation of why “Some dreams can hold on too long and require too high a price.”
The man by the name of Jay Gatsby grew up as a farm boy, with a relatively poor family coming from a relatively poor region. But, this was a man who had realized early on that he had aspirations and standards for his life, and he wouldn’t bow out of them easily. To emphasize, "The truth was that Jay Gatsby...sprang from his Platonic conception of himself (Page 95).” Early on, Gatsby left his home to find what it was he really wanted in life, at the beginning of his journey he encountered Dan Cody, who eventually taught him everything he needed to know. Gatsby even ran into a woman by the name of Daisy, whom he quickly realized was the focal point of his entire dream. Unfortunately, although Gatsby knew he was in love with Daisy, he embarked for Europe in the military and left his dream behind.
Unbeknownst to Gatsby at the time, leaving for Europe was his tragic mistake. Daisy could last so long awaiting Gatsby’s arrival, and in this time she met Tom Buchanan whom she fell in love with and married while Gatsby was away. Gatsby moved up the ranks of his life searching for the one thing he felt could win Daisy back, money. He became a bootlegger affiliated with organized crime to earn his fortune, and he earned it well. Gatsby rose to become the most popular man of West Egg, where he came to reside, throwing extravagant...


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