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Two Reasons About Material Back When Using Bucket Elevator

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Bucket elevator sprockets are also subjected to the harsh working environments and often have a short service life which can lead to regular, high replacement costs; the sprocket teeth being rapidly eroded by the high friction loads and contaminant ingress issues. To further reduce maintenance requirements, Hongxing Mining Machine now supplies Sprocket Blades to sit between the chain and the sprocket proper.

Bucket elevator back to the material too much, this is in the design process did not take into account the characteristics of the material, select the hopper, the speed of the speed, and so caused.

The bucket elevator back to the material concept we usually say is not the same. The bucket elevator back to the material refers to material at the discharge location is not completely unloaded machine, and part of the material back to the base of the hoist phenomenon. Enhance operations, bucket elevator machine back to the material too, is bound to reduce production efficiency, increase the rate of power consumption and the crushing of materials. Cause material back for the following reasons:

1, The speed of the hopper to run too fast. Lifting the different materials, the hopper to run speed is not the same: generally enhance the dry powder and pellets, the rate of about 1 ~ 2m / s; enhance the bulk material, the rate of 0.4 ~ 0.6m / s; to enhance the wet powder and pellets, the rate of 0.6 ~ 0.8m / s. The speed is too large, the discharge in advance, causing the material back. This time should be based on the upgrade materials, appropriate to reduce the speed of the hopper to prevent back feed.

2, The discharge of the nose export tongue plate installation is inappropriate, the tongue plate from the hopper discharge location is too far, will cause the material back. Should timely adjust the position of the tongue plate to avoid the material back.

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