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Swot in Case Study

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SWOT for Intel
Strength: Inter is one of the leaders in microprocessor industry. Intel always has high-performance products including Pentium series ,Core i7,Classmate PC and Atom processor which are designed by technological research and development team. Intel has a recognizable and well-liked ingredient brand built by several marketing campaigns.

Weakness: The microprocessor can not be directly touched by customers and it is just an ingredient of PC, so it has difficulties to authenticate its products. Intel tried to reposition itself into a service-provide company, but it did not actually succeed.

Opportunity: As the society is developing, there is an increasing demension of   customers' demand to PC's functions. The advanced microprocessor can meet the customers' requirement. Moreover, new growth areas and new platform appeared during the development of human's technology.

Threat: The competitors in the microprocessor industry may damage the Intel's benefit. The PC industry does not always grow up fast. The risk to reposition the company's business and to replace the familiar campaign 'Intel inside'.    

            InternalExternal | Strength: Well-liked brand Technological team High-performance products | Weakness:Products can not be directly touchedHard to authenticate productsHard to reposition |
Opportunity: Customers' increasing demand in PC market   New growth areas and platform |   Use the power of brand and technological team to reinforce the owned market and create advanced products in both regular and new areas | Make marketing campaigns to help customers authenticate the brand and the products |
Threat: Stress from competitors Block in development of PC industry Risk to reposition the company and replace the familiar campaign |   Use the superiority in brand and products to lead the industry. Use the power of brand to make the customers believe that Intel can also perform well in service-provided industry. |   Use the marketing...


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