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Swot Anaylsis

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Weekly case study


Question 1: Undertake a Brief SWOT of Intel

Till now, Intel, which is headquartered in Santa Clara, is one of the most formidable corporations in the world. Additionally, Intel has the strongest network market position.
Intel devoted itself to the microprocessors industry trademarked the brand Pentium, and launched the "Intel Inside" campaign. This made history and the very successful marketing campaign greatly increased brand recognition by consumers.
The top tier of Intel Corporation explored opportunities in new growth areas such as home entertainment, mobile devices, education and Atom processors. It is an effective solution to “Marketing Myopia” which was mentioned last week.

Even though Intel launched the “Intel Inside” campaign, it may not be beneficial to its brand, for the reason that consumers pay more attention to the PC brand itself.
The products produced by Intel are inserted into PCs and Laptops which means there are no finished products manufactured by Intel that go directly to the market. The situation may   result in a loss of Intel competitiveness. For instance, Intel had to seek new opportunities in new growth areas as the PC industry slowed in the mid-2000s.
The prices of competitors are lower as compared to Intel products.

As time passes, the demand for computer products is increasing rapidly in the growing global microprocessor market.
In order to execute their market strategy, Intel is involved in plenty of areas such as PCs, laptops, home entertainment, mobile devices, and education and Atom processors. The key point of this strategy is industrial diversification which provides Intel with more opportunities to develop.
Consumers are always looking forward to updated products.
The most powerful company should produce the greatest technological achievements.

The competitors are increasing such as AMD which has lower prices which are more...


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