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Shaking Table Is an Effective Machine for Most Customers

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Concentrator table is an effective gravity separation equipment which can be used for different operation such as rough selection, elaborate selection and scavenging for large, medium and small-sized factories and applies to the sorting of nonferrous metal, ferrous metal, rare and precious metal, gold and nonmetallic ores of fine grains, such as tin, tungsten, gold, silver, lead, zinc, tantalum, niobium, iron, manganese and ferrotitanium. Concentrator table is also called Shaking table or Table concentrator, which is a mine selecting machine for fine materials and it works by gravity.

Table concentrator is able to make ore particles move in different directions by their different density and granularity. The long discharging line makes sure the products with different grades and quality. There are headings, middlings and tailings. Roller with 10-20 G oil, not to splash as well. The seat sliding rack injection oil to drown the sliding bearing and the lower bearing contact fit; lever type rocking frame bearing has been manufactured with good lithium grease slope and transverse slope so as to achieve the optimal separation effect. After normal cleaning, it can be put into production. The shaking table separation surface is not strong beat, collision; not in high temperature and heavy pressure; avoid oil pollution and sun and rain, prevent degeneration.

As the equipment for gravity separation, table concentrator was widely used to separate placer gold before, but it is mainly used to separate gold and coal now. Classification of table concentrator: ore sand table concentrator, ore pulp table concentrator, FRP table concentrator, 6-S table concentrator, table concentrator, etc. If you want these equipments, Hongxing can offer them for you. Don' t forget to take in touch with us.

concentrator table price: http://www.china-cementmill.com/pp/concentrator.html


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