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Value of Life

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The value of a life. What is it exactly? We will never know the true definition of the value of a life because there are so many different perspectives in this world and everyone will think their perspective is right.

According to the Human Life Calculator, our value is based on the amount of money we will make in our lives and nothing more. It depends on the money we make, how many children we have, and how much we spend on ourselves each month. Some people find it fair to actually compare the value of life to the dollar amount they are worth. They might even look into it so much that people choose their partner according to their monetary values and not the emotional attachment. There are many people like that these days that only worry about money and what society thinks of them instead of wanted to be truly happy.

I don’t agree with the Human Life Value Calculator what so ever. No person’s life should be estimated on their monetary worth. It should go deeper than that. It all depends on how they want to live there life and if they think they live it to the fullest. If they live it to only become rich and die rich then so be it that is their own personal value. But to assume that every person values their life that way is completely and absolutely wrong.

When it comes to Hamlet, he wonders if there is even a value to life. “To be, or not to be—that is the question:” that is his main issue throughout the entire play. He pretty much loses everything that means anything to him in his life so he can’t help but wonder if there is even a point anymore. Anything he truly valued, such as his father and Ophelia, was taken from him. He has nothing to value so why should he question the value of a life?


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