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Our Kiind of People or a Certiain Type of People

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“Our Kind Of People”or a certain type of people?

The book “Our Kind Of People” by Lawrence Otis Graham, explains the in

and outs of the black elite throughout America. The book diagrams a lot about the social,  

economical, and personal background of many of the black elite. I am going to attempt

to discuss the difference in cities, weather there is discrimination against people in the

same race, if the authors opinion was firmly stated or if it was all made of assumptions,

and where does Graham get these facts about the secret organizations in and out of


With the descriptions of all the different cities its rather hard to tell what

cities are favored and which ones where like an honorable mention. Even with Graham

being from New York it had one of the smallest chapters throughout the book. Graham

had took an exceptional liking to Chicago and distinguishing many of the people with in

the city such as Julius Rosenwald who was a major philanthropist in black education,

and many others to extensive to mention. Mainly Graham talks about the many different

organizations that are thriving throughout all the cities as in the links, boule, guardsmen,

jack and jill, and the girlfriends. He discusses the differences between the different

cities, the type of people they produce, and what makes those cities unique.

One thing that I have always seen growing up in many different areas of vastly

different people is discrimination not only of other races but of the same kind of people

as each other. I've seen whites talk down to whites and blacks talk down to blacks and

everything in between. An one of the biggest reasons I've herd people talking down to

each other is the other persons social standing weather very wealthy or dirt poor money

is another world. Which brings the thought to mine does money give a person the right

to talk down to anybody? If the people in these groups a...


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