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Negative Impact of Technology on Modern Socety

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Children are not doing their homework instead they watch T.V, play Xbox, go on the internet and play games on their Ipad or cell phones.Young children are also exposed to ponography at a very young age.Children also learn bad habits over T.V eg. they want to act out the violence they see on WWE.Children also make illegle facebook accounts and they can meet up with total strangers and there is a very high risk they stand for instance they can get kidnapped, raped, or murded.

Children also become couch-potatoes and eat all the wrong foods in front of the T.V.Children also have stopped playing sport instead they play virtual sport for instance soccer, hocky,and crieket.Children also not able to make friends because they are used to chatting on social networks which also affects their spelling in school for instance to say "how are you doing" they say(write) HUD and they are also used to writing slang words.Children also listen to loud music which damages their ears.

People eat alot of junk food which causes obesity and obesity leads to high blood pressure and other medical issues.Sometimes people even eat junk food as proper meals for instance they eat chips, pizzas, pasta and burgers for either breakfirst, lunch, or supper.People have become very dependent on electricity the day electricity goes away peope will not be able to function very well including myself.If children are absent from school instead of writing their work they just photocopy their work and they don't learn anything.Finaly I believe that modern technology is a negative impact on socety.


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