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MGT 250
Professor McGuigan


Most of the traits that define me have been an affect of all the support and influential people throughout my life. I have been shaped into the person I am today by my culture, family traditions and many other life experiences. Sports and family members have had an enormous contribution to making me a team player.
I have been involved in sports programs throughout the town, state and county. Being part of a team has benefited me as a person in my ways. I like to involve everyone on and off the field. I know it doesn’t feel good to be left out of any situation, so I try to get people involved in everything I do. Sports has also helped me solve problem situations. Through sports I have developed a way to focus in when a bad problem has every came up in my life. One example is my father came home from a half Marathon; he was dehydrated and passed out in the kitchen. I was the only one home at the time, and had to react quickly. Because of all of the many key situations I have been in on the lacrosse field, I never panicked. I instantly called 911 and helped my dad until the medical people arrived. I truly believe if my parents didn’t raise me in lacrosse and other quick reacting sports I may have panicked in that situation. And if I dint react so quickly my dad could have died.
Another key trait I have is how caring I am. Some of my family members are the reason I am like that. My grandma was main person who influenced me to be so caring. Growing up with her around everyday was a great experience; she always had a smile on her face no matter how she was feeling that day. I was always watching her bake other people goods for the holidays. Even when it was becoming harder for her to move around she always baked everyone cupcakes, brownies, pies and other goods.
Even though I am extremely caring, I tend to be really shy. I moved around from town to town during elementary and middle school. For me meeting new people...


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