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Case Study

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Case study tutorial 3
Intel has surely won the heart of millions and has promised to do that in the near future also.
1. Undertake a brief SWOT for Intel.
1) Intel has the largest market share all over the world and has a very strong brand value attached to it. Intel has a success ad campaign which improved the company’s brand awareness.( ep:Pentium, Intel inside, Bunny People, Sponsors of Tomorrow)
2) Earlier in 1990s, it became the world’s largest and reliable supplier to the PC business. Intel was the first company, which came up with the idea of microprocessor, and it has continued that legacy by making advanced changes in it with time. (ep:2003,Centrino,2007,Classmate PC,2008,Atom processor, the Intel Core i7)
3) It has invested a very heavy amount in its Research and Development department, which has played a very crucial role in the success of its brand value.
1) Sometimes Intel comes up with a very technical strategy in response to its competitors, which is not easily understood, by most of the people.
2) They have taken the advantage of being a brand leader, by not taking benefits from economies of scale, and provide cheaper items to its consumers.
1) They can focus on the mobile market, which is considered as the future of internet.
2) Intel should keep customers as their first preference and make changes on regular basis to meet the needs of their users.
3) They can make partnerships with some of the other brands to make sure they rule the market in every possible way.
1) Customer taste might change and their preferences will shift to the other competitive products if they do not get what they need.
2) Some of its other strong competitors, which it should take into considerations, are Dell and IBM etc. Market share becomes very hard to maintain with emergence of new and cheap local companies.
2. What growth strategies should Intel pursue based on information from the case?

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