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Extracurricular Activities
The first and the most personal extracurricular activity would be playing the guitar. Ever since the 4th grade, I’ve been playing and improving my skill to become the best I can be. It’s earned me some respect throughout my friends and family and I’ve gotten to meet some pretty cool people because of it. I remember taking lessons from a guy named Jerry who used to play in my church band. He’s what really got me started. Ever since, I’ve been playing along to songs through my speakers and picking up new techniques as I go along. It’s a big part of who I am today along with music in general.
Sports would have to be next. Ever since 7th grade, I’ve been involved with football with Evergreen Middle School, and with Everett High School. It’s a great way to meet some people around school that you’ve never really gotten the chance to talk to before. During every football season I’ve participated in, it’s required a lot of hard-work, teamwork, and leadership ability. You needed to stay dedicated help each other out so that when the outcome wasn’t exactly what you wanted it to be, you know that there’s always a next game, and you’ll be there for your team. I also plan on playing baseball for the first time since little league this year for Everett High School.
Another activity would be volunteering around the city of Everett. My grandpa (who has now passed away) and I would visit local parks around the city and pick up litter and try to tidy the place up. We would do this every Saturday morning during the spring/summer, from 2010 to the spring of 2013. I believe that this helped the environment prosper in its natural state so that everyone could enjoy the true beauty Mother Nature has to offer. And even though my grandpa isn’t with me anymore to help, I still try my best to go out every Saturday with a friend to try and clean up the parks.
One last activity that I have in mind would be doing various things outdoors. For the past 2 summers, my...


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