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24 Hours Without Technology

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24 hours without technology
After reading “Walden and other writings”, Thoreau principles have inspired me to construct an experiment with the intentions of embellishing my lifestyle. While writing his book Thoreau lived a simple routine in the woods with the intents of limiting the amount of communication from the outside world. With the practice of Transcendentalism Thoreau emphasizes the importance of self-reliance, solitude, and the closeness to nature, “I went to the woods to live deliberately to front only the essential facts of life”. In order for me to emulate some of his practices I will need to abolish the use of technology for a day. I believe my generation have become brainwashed by the media and society isn’t teaching us to use our technology in moderation. Studies have proved that “Youngsters devote an average of 7 hours and 38 minutes using 'entertainment media’ across a typical day”, instead of nourishing ourselves with knowledge by reading books and figuring out our talents a large percentage of my generation would prefer to have desiccated minds.   It has become evident that certain aspects of technology are misused by students and have become a distraction, taking up a vast majority of their day to day lives.   Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have proven to be addicting, making it more difficult for students to be self-reliant and responsible with the way they spend their time. We have become highly dependent on counterpart gadgets and taught ourselves to live with an ephemeral mindset, constantly causing us to want more.
The night before I began my experiment I looked around at my possession in my room and realized over the years how complaisant I had become to blend in with my coterie.   Thoreau expresses his “greatest skill in life has been to want little”, and after reading only a fraction of Thoreau book, words couldn’t express how I felt about simplicity. My mind had a felicitous change of thoughts when I realized how much I...


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