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Social selling is a new concept that when added to a traditional sales
process can help you rack up leads and close deals. The challenge for
busy sales people is how to incorporate social selling into an existing
workflow. HootSuite can help you consolidate many of your social selling
actions and execute a routine that you can work into your day without
disruption. The goal of this guide is to show you how using HootSuite for
social selling can help you:
• Eliminate cold-calling
• Utilize next generation prospecting methods
• Go beyond email campaigns and mailing lists
• Become a successful micromarketer and build your personal brand
At the end of this document, we have included a 30 minute sample action
plan that you can build into your daily routine. First, here are 26 ways you
can use HootSuite to crush your quota.
Set up your Dashboard
In order to get yourself into a regular social selling routine, it’s necessary
to take a few quick steps to set up your HootSuite dashboard. Once
your dashboard is customized for your sales workflow, you’ll be able to
execute your daily activities efficiently. In this section, we’ll show you
which tabs to create in your dashboard, and which streams to put in
each one.
1. Create a new tab called Admin. This tab will be where you will be
able to see everything that needs responding to on a daily basis. This
tab should include your 10 most important streams that require daily
attention. Must haves include your Twitter Retweets, Mentions, and Direct
Messages. Each of these streams will be populated with Twitter messages
that you’ll want to respond to. You should also add streams for each of
your most important LinkedIn Group discussions.


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