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Reaction Matters a Lot

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Reaction matters a lot
Our reaction to any situation and circumstance quite importantly determines future course of events in the matter. We all come across a variety of pleasant and unpleasant situations. Many a time the impact of the situation is beyond our control. It is viewed that by taming our reaction to the   situation we can considerably alter the impact of the situation. Suppose we learn news of failure of our ward in an examination. As a concerned parent we may react in number of ways. Disappointment, anger, dejection, worry etc can be some of the reactions in the circumstances. Now any of such reaction has two fold effect. First on us as parent and secondly on our child who might have been feeling quite upset over the outcome. Our normal reaction as referred above will further traumatize the child and may not serve any fruitful or favorable purpose, on the contrary if we compassionately evaluate the situation and try to appreciate the reasons for dismal performance and novel ways to handle the situation the outcome will be substantially different. Our sympathy and affection exhibited in the trying phase may support the child and in turn motivate him to perform better next time. Thus we can not change the result of something which has already taken place but we can definitely provide and create such environment where the child can be encouraged to perform better.
Sometimes controlled behavior and balanced reaction can avoid massive negativity generated out of the action being reacted upon. The perception has an important role to play in any situation we come across. The size and impact of the problem is also shaped by our reaction.   As demonstrated   above, sometimes we absolutely have no control on what is happening around us but a conscious decision made in terms of the feeling and action we choose to have vis a vis the situation quite importantly makes the situation big or small. Sometimes the most unpleasant situation can be well handled by...


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