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John Browns Raid

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John Browns Raid
There are many different causes that lead up to the Civil
War, but I think that October 16,1859 was the most
influential cause of the Civil War. John Brown was an abolitionist that had been protesting slavery for many years. Brown came up with a radical plan to end slavery in the South. John Brown tried to make a rebellion in the South, which had failed, but his plan did accomplish to divide the North and South. This led to tension between the two sides, which I feel started the Civil War.
On October 16th, 1859 Brown brought eighteen men into Harper's Ferry, Virginia. He wanted to put an end to slavery. To do so, Brown wanted to take possession of the ammunition in the Federal arsenal and move slaves towards his cause. Brown didn't have an escape route, but the North and South became divided. John Brown and his army unexpectedly came into Harper's Ferry, Virginia and captured the Federal complex. The Federal complex was an arsenal and armory. Brown ordered patrolmen out to get the slaves. The slaves resisted his help. Citizens and the military surrounded him and guns were fired. When it was over, two townspeople had died along with eight men of John Brown's army. The rebellion lasted thirty six hours. Troops later arrived to arrest Brown. John was later tried with treason. He was sentenced and hanged on December 2nd.    
John Brown was using violence to get rid of slavery and this is how the start of physical conflict to remedy this issue began. The violence escalated between the North and South over this problem from the time of the raid until 1861. The bombardment of Fort Sumter by the confederacy was the beginning of the Civil War.
The North admired the raid. The Northerners believed Brown was a martyr. A martyr is one who is killed, because of their beliefs. But the South didn't think of John Brown as a martyr.
The South was very shocked about Brown's approach. They didn't see John in their favor, because of slavery. The...


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