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The Great C

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Before I knew the hurtful truth, before I knew that something is actually going on, before I knew that my life will not be the same anymore, I never really appreciate any lyrics to the bits. I've always thought that I had faced real hardships, ordeal and lots of tests in my life. But I was totally proven wrong this time. Lying on my bed doing nothing and just staring at the ceiling, I decided to put on my iPod. While choosing the songs in my iPod, by coincidence I came across Bleed by Hot Chelle Rae, my all-time favourite song ever and decided to hear that song for now.   'I feel like I'm drowning in ice water. My lips have turned to shades of blue. I'm frozen   with this fear that you may disappear.'
When Ryan Keith Follese’s voice started to hit both my eardrums, my mind automatically switched its channel to memory lane. ''I won’t cry.'' I said out loud, begging for strength from my inner self. As the song went further, my vision became blurry as my tear glands started secreting precious tears and my mind slipped away to the moment when I actually discovered the painful truth.

“Hey there you little fatso, hurry up can ya?” I automatically turned around as I heard that particular voice calling out my nickname, the nickname I hated yet I missed the most. Well, who else could it be if it is not my sister because this nickname was created and given to me by her. “Oh my God! Hey!” I jumped with joy and started running slowly towards her car. “How have you been? Why are you back in Malaysia? No phone calls, no new news and you did not even notify us and yet you’re back in Malaysia?” I started throwing questions towards my sister, Kara and she only replied with a smile and said, “So many questions yet so little time my dear Zara. Hey do you want some cheese cake or something? Suddenly I felt like treating you one. So what do you say?” Hearing the words cheese cake were spoken I totally forgot about my questions that my sister did not answer yet. “Yes! Let’s go. I’ll...


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