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Psychology Individual Report

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First, I want to introduce how hearing work in the auditory system. “The ear hear sound which must know follow the four part of basic form energy transformation from the auditory system. The first part of the transformation is the vibrating air molecules enter into the ears. Some sound go to the external canal of the ear directly and the external ear, or pinna. The sound wave travels along the canal which meets the eardrum. It’s pressure variation set the eardrum into motion.” (Richard&Philip,2008)Pg114
The second part of the transformation occurs in “the cochlea the airborne sound wave becomes seaborne. The cochlea is a fluid-filled coiled tube which has a membrane . It is the basilar membrane, running down Its middle along its length”.( Richard&Philp,2008) Pg114-115
The third part of the transformation is “the hair cells bend which stimulate nerve ending and transform the mechanical vibrations of the basilar membrane into neural activity”.
The fourth part is “the fibers of the auditory nerve meet in the cochlear nucleus of the brain stem. The crossing over of nerves in the visual system which stimulate from one ear goes to both side of the brain. Auditory signals pass through a series of other nuclei on their way to the auditory, cortex, in the temporal lobes of the cerebral hemispheres. The signal is higher-order processed by the auditory cortex”. (Richard&Philp,2008)Pg115
  Hearing effects the every part of our lives. It can help us to communicate with others and listen the music for relaxing. It is so important for our daily life. If we have a good hearing which can help us to build up a good relationship with our friends and family. The good hearing is not only has a benefit for you and it also make positive effect to the our family and other people.
  Then, the good hearing can help us to experience life more active and less the restriction. In this way, we can have own perfect life.
  Also, the hearing enhance people’s...


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