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Art is a cultural nesessity.It helps to express ourselves , to improve eductaion , to regenrate cities , to empower poor and offcourse to enlighten the society on day to day issues.Every day , each one of us is influenced by art .The clothes and the shoes that we wear, televison , jewelleries ,and various other things , were made by the people who were educated in Arts.Dramas , theatre groups performance lifts our minds and heart .They are a means to serve humanity.It is just arts that remain after a civilization vanishes .It is through arts that we know about all those people.Since arts is such an important part of any country , it is necessary for government to fund it.

Some would quickly argue that , it should not be governments responsibility to fund arts? the taxes that the government will b allocating to arts , should be used to keep the streets safe and lights On.It could be used to improve the current education system which is a nations priority.Many countries does not even have the expense to take care of the daily necessities of their population , in such cases it is impossible to fund arts .In such cases ,satisfying the daily need is much more important than wastin money on a subjective merit.

Since arts represents a culture , it should be national priority to invest in it.looking at the recent trends , art is now bursting out with so many new museums , theatres coming up .This set ups need money to survive .Many art groups gather sufficient money through private sponsorship, tie -ups for the sustenance .But in times of econic crisis , these type of funding is more volatile than the government funding.To nurture the next generation , for building of new infrastructure , it is necessary for government to allocate some funds .

Though government funding is essential , it brings with it , several provisons , which are disastrous .When government starts funding , it demands censorship on the art form.Some times , the artists have to write the content...


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