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Wierd Essay(Don't Read It)

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Discussion and evaluation

Bird count

As seen in the results of the bird count we will notice that as some bird species are at a stable and increasing population, others are decreasing. These are due to factors such as:
2)Different species and their co-existence
3)Human involvement
4)Food and break down of the ecosystem
These points shall be briefly discussed below.

Climate plays a very important role for most species. Like us humans we are accustom to a specific weather type, we can adapt but we don't enjoy it. Birds such as Red Knobbed Coot also enjoy a different climate and they may have left Intaka Island, due to the climate change; by means of pollution in the atmosphere or just a change in season as it may destroy their food source or even nest/habitat. Therefore it is vital to keep the use of any pollutants away from our atmosphere as it can damage/change our climate.

Birds are critically involved with the whole ecosystem/different species, as we may be with our community and neighbors. If one gets ill or dies it has a huge impact on our lives, the same as the birds as it may be their source of food or nest; this may damage the ecosystem by ways of human involvement(pollution/litter/noise/poaching) and natural causes. This may also effect the birds as they may have an enemy during their existence, that either eats them for energy or destroy/inhabits their nest.

Our very presence on earth may also effect the results, due to our common and daily pollution and life movement. We as humans pollute a lot, though not always intentionally. We do this through ways of development(sound, water and air pollution) to just plain old littering. This whole process destroys the bird's stable ecosystem and therefore forces the birds' to move and live somewhere else.

The food and destruction of the bird's ecosystem, not only effects them but other species as well. This is due to the fact that now the animal above the food chain will...


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