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College Connection

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College Connection/VIA Travel
I attended the college event at SAC, which was a family movie night featuring the family film “Frozen”. I enjoyed the event and was impressed on how everyone gathered together, bringing their own lawn chairs and blankets. I also enjoyed the fact that it was shown outdoors and open to the public, dollar popcorn and sodas added to the fun. As a professional, I learned about togetherness and bringing families closer. I learned how an event like this can bring a community as one. I can apply this in a classroom by organization more family events.
In addition to the college event that I attended, I also went on a VIA bus to travel to the medical center area. I realized that people who ride the bus as well as pedestrians face more difficulties then myself who has a reliable transportation. I was interested to know what type of difficulties these people face on a daily basis. I realized that by taking this trip how fortunate I am in having a reliable transportation. I was able to interview a friend who rides the city bus for 4 years now. I was able to ride the bus with my friend from her apartment to the medical center area. As I rode with her I asked her a few questions…
Q. How long have you been riding the bus?
A. I have been riding the bus for 4 years since before moving to San Antonio.
Q.What are the difficulties when riding the bus?
A. The most difficulties I face are the lack of reliability of the San Antonio bus system. It is difficult to make it on time to interviews, work, and school. When I have to be somewhere at a specific time I have to plan my route/schedule in advance in detail. Most buses only run every 40 minutes to an 1 hour so if I miss my bus or it is late I have to wait for the for the next one. Many times due to traffic, mechanical problems with the bus, or roadway accidents the bus will be anywhere from 5-30 minutes late.
Q. How many buses do you take to get to work/school?
A. It takes 1 bus to get to work...


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