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Immune System Disorders

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Immune System Disorders

Mohammed Khaled Al-Falasi

What is a “Immune System Disorder” ?

A Immune system disorder is just a negative response from your body towards the substances that are normally present and alive in the body. This disorder is commonly know as a Autoimmunity and their disorders are   “Autoimmunity Diseases” as   a shortened version. The disorder can be cause be an overactive response towards the problem or non-activity. The overactivity of the response is called Autoimmunity as i’ve mentioned before, the lower-activity is called Immune Deficiency. Both of these disorders can reach to heights that can affect the body in ways that could lead to death over a long period of time. This subject is like a tree, it has many disorders and what causes them but the main two types are the ones i’ve mentioned them above. They’re are many types of   immune system disorders, i am going to start explaining the simple ones first and then get into the details of the critical and the most effective ones after.
Allergies. Allergies are like moms, they overreact to anything that happens to their children. Allergies over-react to a non-threatening foreign particle or substances. When the body senses or detects allergens they release chemicals such as Histamine to treat it. (Yes, i did use an example for class :D) . Allergies have many symptoms, they may be as small as eye irritation or can be as affecting as Nausea and vomiting. Many other symptoms of allergies are Rashes, Eye Irritation, Nasal Congestion and Breathing problems. There are simple solution towards these Allergies are medications. There are many types medications but one of them is Antihistamine. Avoiding Allergen exposure is the safest and best way of preventing Allergies instead of going over the hassle to get those medications.
Asthma is a condition in where the immune system becomes overactive in the lungs and specifically in the Bronchi. The causes or main cause of Asthma is not...


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