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Hemingway the Analasys of the " a Old Man in Another Country"

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Ernst Hemingway «The strange country». Analysis of the text. 3
1. A summary of the text 3
2. Analysis of the lexical fields of the story «The strange country» 5
3. The commenting on the story «The strange country» 8
Ernest Hamingway “The old man at the bridge” (1938) 10
1. A summary of the story “The old man at the bridge” 10
2. Analysis of the selected papagraph. 13
3. The analysis of the dialogue 15
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Ernst Hemingway «The strange country». Analysis of the text.

1. A summary of the text

    1.1 The story of Ernest Hemingway's «The strange country» is expressive prose sketches about the war and the fate of man. And again, about his loneliness, rejection, abandonment. The scenario space story limited to activities occurring within the military hospital, on her way to him from military barracks and what is going on with the characters of the story on the road and in the small Italian pubs, in which they go on the road.
    1.2 However, it is precisely within this small space of the story deployed human tragedy associated with the horrors of war. From the beginning of his story the author strictly separates the two worlds: the world, where everything is still war and peace, where she had already ended. It is this separation it clearly indicates in its first sentence that begins the story. The characters of the story, soldiers, officers, wounded in the war and received injuries both physical and mental.
    1.3 the Author draws attention to two crucial points of his story, in respect of which he argues with himself and demonstrates the results of their reasoning reader of the story. The author has got good reasons...


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