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Tma03 A397

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TMA 03
Question 1
sacerdos Neptuni Troianos monuit ne equum trahuit intra muros urbis.
Neptune Trojans drag the horse inside the city walls and not to the priest.

Question 2
quis fuit horrendos primus qui protulit ense?
quam ferus et vere ferreus ille fuit!
tunc caedes hominum generi, tunc proelia nata,
tunc brevior dirae mortis aperta via est.
at nihil ille miser meruit; nos ad mala nostra
vertimus, in saevas quod dedit ille feras
who was that who first forged the sword the dreadful?
is an iron-willed and truly than he was!
race of men to the murder of then, then, war was born
shorter than the way is opened to dread death.
, but nothing of the wretch's fault;, we went to the evils of our
we turn, what he gave us on savage wild beasts

Question 3
in huis modi causis aliud Diogeni Babylonio videri solet, magno et gravi Stoico, aliud Antipatro, discipulo eius, homini acutissimo.

vir bonus habet in animo aedes vendere propter aliqua vitia, quae ipse novit, ceteri ignorant; pestilentes sunt et habentur salubres, ignoratur in omnibus cubiculis apparere serpentes- sed haec praeter dominum nemo scit. quaero, si venditor haec vitia emptoribus non dixerit aedesque multo pluris vendiderit quam censuerit, num id iniuste aut improbe fecerit?
Diogenes of Babylon is often seen in the of this sort, of any whatsoever, to the great and highly esteemed Stoic, and another to his pupil Antipater, a most profound.

in the mind of a good man has a house to sell for the sake of some vices, he himself knows, but others will know nothing of; are unhealthy and esteemed as a wholesome, is not known in all the bedrooms to appear serpents-but this is besides the Lord no one knows. I ask, if the seller has decided that these are vices of the buyers did not tell them which was worth much more than sell, whether it is unjust or dishonourable?
The opinion......
`ille vero' inquit Antipater. ``quid enim aliud est...


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