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Maize Milling Machine Supplier Tells You How to Store Corn in Summer

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As maize milling machine develops, China's maize planting acreage becomes larger and larger. In every harvesting season, there is plenty corn supply. However, if we do not sell out the corn, how should we store corn in summer? Here, the maize milling machine supplier can give you some advice.

Since summer is quite hot in northern China, and corn contains large water content itself, so the right summer storage is very important.

First, corn precipitation. Corn seed moisture content should be below 12%. It can be used with wet bulk ventilation, drying and other methods of precipitation. MAIZE MILLING MACHINE SUPPLIER points out that, the best season is in the spring, and the seeds are sealed under low temperature conditions to inhibit breathing and prolong life.  

Second, corn seeds checking. Summer rice seed storage king point to regularly check records, wind, rain should be promptly checked for early detection of problems and take action. Prevent weather caused corn seeds appear mildew.

Third, moisture removing. The main route of maize seeds is hygroscopic moisture from the air, the ground damp, leaking.

Therefore, the storage of corn in the summer, should focus on these three areas to check. 1. timely inspect the warehouse walls, doors and windows to keep it closed state. 2 . Available Asphalt, dry brick, linoleum, plastic, etc. to prevent groundwater rise, can also be wood , brick and other booster seeds, the seeds are separated with the ground. 3. Timely inspection, maintenance and roofs , doors and windows to prevent leaks. 4. control pests. Summer positions within major pest of corn is rice weevil and Gelechiidae, to check the position regularly to prevent pest breeding. If found to be timely elimination of pests and prevent the destruction of corn seed.

These are stored methods in summer for us provided by the maize milling machine supplier. From today's study, I believe you have a new understanding of maize storage methods. I hope you can...


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