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Policy Measures for Institional Arrangement.

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It is important for every institution to have a policy that addresses various issues surrounding the institution. Among such policy is the HIV/AIDS policy. According to Lamptey, et al (2006), workplace policy provides the framework for action to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and manage its impact. This paper attempts to present a drawn up HIV/AIDS policy at workplace.
“The format of the HIV/AIDS policy at workplace should contain a general statement, policy framework, specific provisions and implementation and monitoring provisions,” states the United Nations (2004). Furthermore, the policy should include provisions in the following areas: 1) The protection of the rights of those affected by HIV/AIDS 2) Prevention through information, education and training and 3) Care and support for workers and their families (Carl, 2006).
Our institution recognises the seriousness of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and its impact on the workplace. The Company supports national efforts to reduce the spread of infection and minimize the impact of the disease.
Our institution does not discriminate or tolerate discrimination against employees or job applicants on any grounds, including HIV status. While the institution recognises that there are circumstances unique to HIV infection, this policy rests on the principle that HIV infection and AIDS should be treated like any other serious condition or illness that may affect employees. It takes into account the fact that employees with HIV may live full and active lives for a number of years. The institution's commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for all employees is based on the recognition that HIV is not transmitted by casual contact.
1) Stigma, discrimination and rights
No rights - from confidentiality to access to benefits - should be affected by an individual's HIV status, real or suspected. Stigma and discrimination compromise...


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