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Compare and Contrasting Essay for Art 1030

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ARH102 SMCC Instructor: Jewel Clark Website- www.classinfoonline.org Midterm Study Guide Answer these questions on the test as they appear here for full credit. You may put the answers in your own words but you must make sure that you get all the relevant points of the answer across completely. I will pick approximately 15 questions from this list for the test. The questions will not appear in this order. 1. Name the three main artists of the Italian High Renaissance Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael 2. List the main differences between Renaissance and Mannerist Styles Renaissance: centralization, harmony, easy figural motion, emotional balance vs. Mannerism: elongated forms, un-natural figural positions, collapsed perspective, irrational settings, theatrical lighting 3. Define “Humanism” Humanism was the intellectual movement of the Renaissance, which emphasized the pursuit of learning in languages, literature, history, and philosophy for its own end, in a secular rather than religious framework. 4. What ancient cultures inspired the Italian Renaissance movement and why? Greece and Rome. After the rediscovery of numerous Classical texts on science, writing and philosophy, the Renaissance scholars saw the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome as the pinnacle of human achievement, especially intellectual achievements and believed they should be used as a model by contemporary Europeans. 5. Describe the stylistic differences between Italian Renaissance and Northern Renaissance art The Italian Renaissance artists took their inspiration from the sculptures of ancient Greece and Rome. They employed a reserve and ease of motion and rediscovered how to depict illusionistic depth in painting. Northern Renaissance artists remained influenced to some extent by their Gothic roots. Although they were aware of the innovations of the Italians, they tended to focus on emotion, attention to detail and hidden symbolism. 6. What art style came before the Renaissance in...


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