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Where Can Find Limestone Kiln Massage?

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Due to its special process, the rotary kiln can not avoid from hard friction by using grease lubrication only . As the carrier , when the temperature is over 200 ℃, the antirust grease’s evaporation loss will be serious , and its lubrication action can only lasts in a short time . So , choosing Solid lubricating material of full lubrication , heat resisting and anti-pressure is necessary . Solid lubricating material has good thermal stability , it has advantages of sending out heat. The heating source is sprayed into kiln by the burner barrel in the nose area of the kiln. The exhaust gas are discharged by the exhaust blower and drained into the the atmosphere by chimmney after exchanging heat with the materials.There are many kinds and many classification methods of unshaped refractory materials, according to the nature of chemical composition, can be divided into basic refractories, acid refractories and neutral refractories; according to the chemical composition, can be divided into silicon, aluminum, aluminum , magnesium, silicon carbide, aluminum, carbon, etc.; according to the binding mode of combination, can be divided into cement, chemical combination, cohere, etc.; according to the installation, can be divided into casting material can be plastic, ramming, spray coating, precast, etc. .The dry crude materials enter the kiln outlet, i.e. the high end of the cylinder through the preheater, and then are fed into the kiln by the tremie pipe. Due to the inclination of the cylinder and slow rotation of the material, the materials roll in hoop direction. On the other hand, the materials move from the high end to the low end, where they are decomposed, burnt, cooled in succession. Thus they become cement clinker, and are discharged from the low end of the cylinder. Finally, they enter the cooling device.At the present, Hongxing mining machinery has set up three state level machinery research institutes, and we also produce various kinds of calcining kiln, cement...


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