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Thank You Madam by L.Hughes

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Thank You M'am
                      The Writer   -   Langston Hughes
The story “Thank You Ma’am” is about an old lady walking alone in the dark, when suddenly a boy tries to snatch her purse. However, during the attempt, he loses his balance and falls down on the pavement, and the lady, who, of course, is annoyed by the boy’s behavior, picks him up and gives him a proper lesson. She decides to bring him home to her house so he can wash his face and have a nice meal, before she hands him some money to buy the blue suede shoes he has wanted for such a long time.
Themes in the Story
The story appears to be written around the 1930's where racism was a huge topic in the southern states. Back in that era many African-Americans had problem looking for a job. It was the time when the black had to fight for their freedom. Another theme that may be inferred from the story is how many children in poor neighborhoods have very little to go home to, that they are neglected and need someone who cares. The story tells us about Roger who looks dirty and frail. We learn that there isn't anyone home that may take care of him. Then there is Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones who takes Roger home and makes sure he is clean, fed and has money to buy the shoes he really wants, but can't afford. This shows a different side of a poor neighborhood, a strong woman who shows compassion to a person you wouldn't expect her to bother with. Instead of turning him in to the police, she takes him home and gives him some desperately needed care and attention.
                          I believe the story is homage to the strong black women who has the ability to care for anyone and everyone. Not only does "Thank-you Ma’am" teach an important life lesson, it reminds us that no one is perfect. We feel that the author is trying to tell us not to sit back and judge our youth by the things they do now. Even Mrs. Jones made mistakes in her day and she still sees something in Roger. Maybe she saw...


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