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The History and Develoment of Stone Crusher

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Stone crusher, for a long history, it is considered as the machine which would impact the environment. During the operation of stone crusher , the air around the working area would be full of dust. The water nearby would be polluted as well. It seems that the pollution is inevitable during the development of human society. Then it comes to the contradiction between the development and the pollution. In my opinion, any improvement should not be based on the foundation of the pollution. And during the past decades, due to the wide use of stone crusher, the manufacturers have to make some changes to confirm the environmental concept.

The stone crusher market in China has grown for many years and the market would keep growing in the future. We believe that the design of crusher could follow the requirements of the customers and the design should be based on the general trend..With the help of different types of stone crushers, the stones would be broken into desired size. Generally speaking, the machines are much more powerful than human energy and in the ancient time, people could only break the stones with hammer or explosive which are dangerous and tiring. The invention of crushers unleashes the human resource and help to speed up the construction speed of various types of buildings.

Nowadays, different types of crushers are designed with different features to serve for different purposes. For example, the most common crusher is the jaw crusher , which is essential for primary crushing. It could be fed with larger stones and it could deal with materials in a wide range of hardness. In most situation, the crushed stones made by jaw crusher need to be re-crushed by secondary crushing machines, such as cone crusher. Cone crusher is not named for its appearance, but for its inner structure. The capacity of cone crusher is keep narrowing from the top to the bottom, so the size of stones are crushed into smaller size before being allowed to fall through the opening....


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