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National Healthcare

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National Healthcare

The United States is considered to be one of the most powerful nations in the world.   It has a very powerful and effective military, vast free market economy, founded on religious freedom, and a strong democracy. Yet, with all of these wonderful things, there is something missing.   Millions of Americans lack health insurance. There are many reasons as to why many Americans are unable to get health insurance. Many Americans suffer from pre-existing conditions, they are denied for different reasons, and they simply cannot afford it. There are stories that we can read in the newspaper, which will break out hearts, but I truly believe that national healthcare will have a negative effect on our economy.

First, we all know that nothing is ever free. To cover the costs of national healthcare taxes will be raised.   If people begin to pay higher taxes, is the national healthcare really going to be free? How do you think Americans will feel when their taxes go up, and they are paying for the healthcare for individuals who do not work? Eventually, the government will need to cut spending in other areas to cover its national healthcare. Will national healthcare be worth it if we have to cut spending on national defense, medical research, or even education?   Federal funds will pay for most of the resulting new costs, but there will be small increases in state Medicaid spending on adults with incomes up to 133 percent of the federal poverty level. These cost increases range from $21.1 billion to $43.2 billion over the 2014-2019 period, with the difference depending on the level of participation (Holahan & Dorn , 2010).

Secondly, with a national healthcare system a majority of the decision making will come from the government. Many medical decisions are private, and with national laws in place there will be people in higher places deciding what procedures individuals are eligible for. Where a decision should be made with the physician and the...


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